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Deerhoof : Be Nothing & Bad Math present...
with TBA - 7:30pm Wed 26th Aug 2015 @ Patterns
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There’s a cult, 80s-teen, coming of age movie that perhaps was a little too clever for mainstream coin but inspires much devotion amongst its fans. Within this film, there is a prom scene – you know the one – lots of young ‘uns getting their groove on and successfully making it look like it was  [read more...]

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with Tony Njoku and Ottermatic - 7:30pm Thu 20th Aug 2015 @ The Prince Albert
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It has been a year since the band formerly known as The Beautiful Word last set foot on stage, but in that year they’ve not been idle. Now, as Bloom, they have a focus and drive to their sound that is clearly the work of much dedicated rehearsal. Having shed the twee folky vibes of  [read more...]

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Pere Ubu : Melting Vinyl presents:
with TBA - 7:30pm Thu 16th Jul 2015 @ Komedia
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Entering to the support late as a punter can really spoil the set and sometimes a fun-sized show leaves you berating yourself for being late. This was definitely in the later camp, the ten minutes or so we caught of Sweet Williams were mouth-watering. We walked into a sparsely populated Komedia after they had just  [read more...]