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with Final Rage, Renounced, Ego Trip and Day Of Rights - 5:30pm Sun 16th Nov 2014 @ The Green Door Store
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Sunday the 16th November sees Breaking Point release their first full length LP Set To Burn, after getting several EPs and splits under their belt. The Green Door Store is hosting the album launch show, featuring many regular faces – and a few fresh ones – from the Brighton hardcore scene. Up first is the  [read more...]

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Superfood : NME New Breed Tour
with Honeyblood - 7:00pm Wed 12th Nov 2014 @ The Haunt
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If you want an accurate prediction of which bands are soon to hit the big time, what better place to look than an NME tour. Alongside Brighton’s Gross Magic and Blood Red Shoes, previous tours have featured La Roux, Crystal Castles and The Cribs, and just look how they turned out. So it’s promising to  [read more...]

From the moment they walk on stage, it’s clear that Black Rooster Black Shag know how to entertain: up front, J.J. and Mirika supply both nonchalant drawl and playful sass, while Dan plays the drums as though they’ve personally insulted him. The band slink and purr through their first couple of numbers, and by the  [read more...]

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7:00pm Fri 7th Nov 2014 @ Concorde
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While not professing to be expert on the blues or bluegrass by any means, this correspondent left John Crampton’s support slot at a very sparsely populated Concorde convinced this was a guy of national or even international repute, such was his skill. Prior to writing, an internet search revealed that John is playing gigs at  [read more...]

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Trans Am : Tatty Seaside Town presents
with Gum Takes Tooth and AK/DK - 7:30pm Tue 11th Nov 2014 @ The Green Door Store
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It really is a wonder, the access to music that we all have in this modern, post-internet, Spotify world. It’s not unreasonable to expect a new generation of genre mutating bands mixing Trout Mask Replica with E2-E4 or Marcus Garvey with Master of Puppets. Music informed by the past for the future. Trans Am were  [read more...]

We have previously featured the forthcoming Drill Festival here and here, and with less than three weeks to go One Inch Badge has finalised the line up, with only the complete day splits and timetable now to come. Headlines of the new additions are the return of The Wedding Present and the Melvins afilliated Big  [read more...]