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King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard : One Inch Badge presents
with Strange Cages - 8:00pm Tue 25th Nov 2014 @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
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November sees King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard bring their talents to Sticky Mike’s, and it’ll prove hard to believe this Melbourne psych rock seven piece have only been in existence for three years. Their sound is so fully formed that you would think they’ve spent a lifetime honing their trippy craft. Now on the  [read more...]

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Merchandise : Teen Creeps presents
with Shopping - 7:30pm Thu 27th Nov 2014 @ Coalition
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Since their formation in 2008, Merchandise have been something of a best kept secret; releasing their early EPs and tapes on independent punk labels, and touring primarily on the underground scene. Today they seem eager to stick to these humble beginnings; all three of their stunning LPs – including this year’s After The End –  [read more...]

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Silver Apples : Dictionary Pudding presents
with Meddicine and Eva Bowan - 8:00pm Sat 6th Dec 2014 @ West Hill Hall
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Since the dawn of time The Silver Apples have been handed down through generations of weirdos that just need that specific gonzo psychedelic fix. That fix that also includes: Naked Lunch, Kenneth Anger, Alexander Shulgin and Robert Crumb. The Silver Apples are perhaps not quite the same counterculture household names, but they have a fizzy  [read more...]

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7:00pm Tue 9th Dec 2014 @ The Haunt
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The amount of sub-genre defining heavy metal released in the years from 1986-92 is ludicrous. Reign In Blood (’86), Scum (’87) Altars of Madness(’89) and A Blaze In A Northern Sky (’92) are records that have come to define thrash metal, grindcore, death metal and black metal respectively and have rarely, if ever, been surpassed  [read more...]

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with Trash Kit - 8:00pm Wed 10th Dec 2014 @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
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If you’ve never heard of Netherlanders The Ex before then where have you been? Since 1979 they have been mixing all the best things that came from punk: new wave, erudite politics, gonzo noise rock and not giving a fuck; with all manner of disparate ‘world’ influences: eastern European folk, sub-Saharan beats, and of course  [read more...]

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8:00pm Thu 11th Dec 2014 @ The Old Market
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Nordic: bold, resilient, distinctive, ancient. Giants: massive people. Come on, you know Nordic Giants. Or at least you ought to know them. The bafflingly wonderful post-rock oracle in the distance. Like a vocal-less Cocteau Twins or a less smarmy Sigur Ros, but with a gravitational pull. One of the few bands that can play a  [read more...]

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Simon Whetham : Aural Detritus
with Seth Cooke and Paul Khimasia Morgan - 7:30pm Fri 12th Dec 2014 @ Phoenix
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Aural Detritus return to the Phoenix gallery this December with the illustrious Simon Whetham, fresh from his seemingly endless world tour. Last seen in Daejeon, South Korea – where Whetham has been artist in residence at TEMI for the last couple of months – Simon is nothing if not hard working, having released somewhere in  [read more...]

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Laetitia Sadier : Melting Vinyl Presents
with Alisia Casper - 8:00pm Mon 15th Dec 2014 @ Komedia
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You don’t have to go to many gigs to notice there is a prevalence of krautrock influenced bands at the moment. There are numerous reasons for that: the much celebrated BBC documentary, the general air of coolness it gives of, it’s quite easy (sorry, it is), and of course, it is incredible music. Well, another  [read more...]