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with Mazes - 7:30pm Mon 25th Aug 2014 @ The Old Market
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  Stephen Malkmus is alt-rock royalty, standing at least equal to those other trailblazers-Thurston Moore, J. Mascis and Kevin Shields-often name checked by the wannabees of today and like them he has been massively influential. Granted, a great deal of that kudos was earned as a result of his decade as the guitarist and front-man  [read more...]

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with TBA - 7:30pm Tue 26th Aug 2014 @ Concorde
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The traditional story casts The Black Lips as a gang of musical outlaws, the last of the excessive rock n’ rollers and of course as with any cliché there’s an element of truth to it.  The core of the band, Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley were kicked out of school in the aftermath of the  [read more...]

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7:00pm Sat 25th Oct 2014 @ The Haunt
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***This preview is an updated version of one previously run for the band’s abandoned date in April 2014. Let’s hope Jason makes it this time! All tickets from the Albert gig are valid.*** If the band name Sleaford Mods gives you a vision of a nauseatingly unoriginal Jam revival act, a la The Rifles or  [read more...]