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Merlin Tonto : Brighton Noise Presents....
with Inwards and VCOADSR - 8:00pm Thu 3rd Mar 2016 @ The Prince Albert
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Without wanting to come over all gushing, we’re long term admirers of Merlin Tonto here. Their Tano Dragon mini album caught our attention on release in 2014, and it went on the chart highly in our favourite releases of that year. Subsequently, they stole the show at our Day One event around this time last  [read more...]

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Rooster Cole : Brighton Noise Presents........
with Mumdad&thekids and This Party - 8:00pm Fri 25th Mar 2016 @ Marwood Coffee Shop
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Ex-Black Black Hills singer, Mark Aaron aka Rooster Cole has to be one of the best front-men in Brighton. He oozes charisma and has a serious baritone, that sounds like it’s coming from the same Pressley place as Nick Cave’s croon does. He’s so good that on the occasions that we’ve seen him without a band,  [read more...]

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Sealings : Brighton Noise Presents......
with Sweet Williams and Red Deer People - 7:30pm Fri 1st Apr 2016 @ The Prince Albert
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2015 was a watershed year for Brighton noise/shoegaze-punks Sealings,as it finally saw the release of their long-awaited I’m a Bastard debut album. First seen around 2008/09 playing white noiseouts with an iPOD for a drummer, they continued their iconoclasm through a series of increasing ferocious demos and 12” releases that attracted both national and local  [read more...]

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Kemper Norton : Brighton Noise Presents.......
with Embla Quickbeam and Sun Sparks x Polymers - 8:00pm Thu 5th May 2016 @ Marwood Coffee Shop
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An unsung hero of the Brighton underground, Kemper Norton’s fractured, electronic tinged, folk has caught the attention of serious music types such as Quietus and Wire Magazine with his two 2014 albums Carn and Loor. A thoroughly unique proposition his music evokes a British pastorism that exists in the netherworld between real and imagined and dream and awake.  [read more...]