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David Bazan
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David Bazan
Thu 31st Jan 2013 @ The Basement

Headliner: David Bazan
Event: Melting Vinyl Presents
In support: Marco Z
When: Thu 31st Jan 2013
Time: 7:30pm
Age restriction: 16+
Other info: Event page

Tickets Available From or via
Resident: 01273 606312
Dome Box Office: 01273 709709

Doors 7:30pm
Price £10 / £12Melting Vinyl are delighted to announce that Seattle born Pedro The Lion’s David Bazan will be visiting us at The Basement in January with his solo material and digging deep into his catalogue of Pedro The Lion songs!David Bazan was, for many years, the songwriter and driving force behind the acclaimed indie band Pedro the Lion, building a dedicated following and selling a few hundred-thousand albums based in large part on his extraordinary melodic sense and erudite, theologically-themed songs. After a decade helming the project, he found himself embroiled in a major personal philosophical and spiritual cataclysm, wrapped in a growing drinking problem. Bazan got to work exorcizing both his demons and angels, ditching the Pedro moniker in favor of his given name and producing two incredible pieces of work in the Fewer Moving Parts EP (2007) and the full-length album Curse Your Branches (2009).While Curse Your Branches documents an intensely personal and complex struggle, Bazan’s new album Strange Negotiations focuses his energies toward the external, centering on his disappointment in the current state of accelerating American and global social fragmentation.

David Bazan will be touring Europe in 2013, including our intimate Brighton show at The Basement, for the first time in a few years and will be digging deep into his catalog to play Pedro The Lion songs along with Bazan solo songs.

The Basement

The Basement is a multi-use, unique and atmospheric space at The Argus Lofts in Brighton’s North Laines. The space is ideal for devising, producing and showcasing experimental theatre, Live Art and performance. It is also the perfect backdrop for exhibitions seeking the opposite of a white wall gallery space. Its underground location makes it ideal for focussed seminars, workshops and meetings, with a difference.


24 Kensington Street


T: 01273 699733

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David Bazan

10/04/2012 By Tim Smillie

David BazanFormer Pedro the Lion front man David Bazan is one of those people who can make you feel a bit inadequate. He writes, he sings, he plays every damn instrument on his records, he’s played with every damn band out of Seattle in the last decade. And there’s me, barely able to pluck a ukulele without cutting half a finger off.

Bazan is Mr Existential, wondering very aloud why the fuck we are here and why whatever is up there is allowing all this shit to happen. His love-hate-wtf relationship with a supreme being has spawned some of his greatest tracks, the voice of a man who did ten rounds with his own personal Jesus. Heavy? Less than you might think. Bazan’s voice transmits the very DNA of every dysfunctional episode behind his eyes. His music pings between the startlingly bleak to crashing folk tinged rock, whilst throwing in the occasional rockabilly track to keep your head spinning. He also has a really good beard.

The Basement gig in Brighton will be the perfect slot for Bazan. I shy away from saying ‘intimate’ but that is how this night will be. Up close with that much talent could make you dizzy.

David Bazan

01/04/2013 By Tim Smillie

David BazanI had heard the songs, sensed the intensity of his performance and marvelled at his ability to make the simplest of lyrics stand up and bite but I didn’t really know what to expect of a Bazan show. Would I be able to handle it?

David Bazan wins the lifetime award for least dramatic entrance to a show, stumbling from behind a curtain in an inch thick hoodie, throwing down the cable that hung from his guitar and looking out into the darkness at Brighton’s Basement. I’m not sure that most of the crowd had noticed that he was there when he hit the first chord and opened up that special voice box of his. After song one, he spoke, imploring the tentative semi-circle to move closer and share his air. We did.

David BazanUp close with Bazan is an uplifting and sometimes terrifying experience. When you are a few feet from this man, armed only with six strings, it is as if you are trapped on a flume ride through the chambers of his being, falling from a height to a silent plateau between songs. Thankfully, the space between songs was filled with David’s musings on love, marriage, honesty, drums and a plethora of requests from the audience. When declining to play a particular song as it would sound ‘awful’ on an acoustic guitar, he was met with a cry of ‘we don’t care!’, to which he smiled and replied ‘yeah, but I do. Sometimes singing these songs is just about keeping the self loathing in check and if I played that…’.

(‘This song is about the internet’ A song about internet music reviewers and how they are just selling advertising space. I was momentarily disconcerted with the writing of this piece in mind but reassured myself that he wasn’t out to vilify someone who does it for love. Right, Dave?)

You can click around Youtube and know each crevice of each song, play each album to a gradual death but that omits a vital dimension, that of the man himself. Bazan is not a charismatic stage presence in the usual sense, there is no performance theatre histrionics to be had. Through the simple act of standing there before us, he invites us to bear witness to crucifixion, a rolling stone and another resurrection.

Words: Tim Smillie
Pictures: Agata Urbaniak 

Melting Vinyl


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01/04/2013 By Agata Urbaniak