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Retro Stefson
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Retro Stefson
Tue 26th Mar 2013 @ The Hope & Ruin

Headliner: Retro Stefson
When: Tue 26th Mar 2013
Time: 7:30pm
Age restriction: 16+
Other info: Event page

The Hope & Ruin



11-12 Queen's Road


T: 01273 325793

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Retro Stefson

08/04/2013 By Tim Smillie

Retro StefsonFrom Iceland, the land of broken banks and deliberate confusion with the land of frozen prawn rings so regaled by Kerry Katona, I give you Retro Stefson!

Joking aside, these chaps (and one chapess in the 7 piece line up) are massive in their home country and are about to start spreading the Nordic word throughout more densely populated parts of Europe over the coming months. On first listen you are hit with a smooth mix of electro pop with bouncy vocals that lift you up when the caffeine buzz is wearing thin. They seem to have a ridiculous amount of youthful energy too that propels them through their songs. A couple of the tracks come off like hot south american samba plucked and transplanted into the midst of a subpolar north atlantic, without cooling off the beats in the slightest.

I’m quite positive that Retro Stefson (Icelandic for ‘shake your groovy phat thang’) will be quite the young killers live at The Hope on the 26th March-they may be young but they have been around for a while and have rocked some decent size crowds back home. I’ll be there feeling old but not giving a filo prawn about it and dancing my mini quiche off!

(And look, I got through a whole article about Icelandic music without mentioning Bjö….arrrggghh)