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Pink Narcissus – Blood On The Page EP Review

08/04/2013 By Anthony Giles

The Avant-Garde has entered rock ‘n’ roll all over again in the form of Pink Narcissus new 6 track, ‘Blood on the Page

Beginning abruptly with ‘Victim’, by the 3rd track ‘Orphan Eyes’ it is apparent that the band feed off an incredible amount of influences and creative ideas. They flit effortlessly between sounding like Nirvana to The Cure, Iggy Pop back to Queens of the Stone Age. The record is drenched, sounding huge and open, whilst tightening at crucial focal points when all elements collude to a killer riff.

That said, the overall cohesion of ‘Blood on the Page’ is artistic, unique and unmistakably Pink Narcissus. In a modern world where retro rules, PN exist effortlessly in both worlds, and yet are unlike anything else. The who’s the where’s and the why’s are on plain display, but this is really just a band doing what they do, doing it because the love doing it, and doing it well.

Stand out tracks are the aforementioned ‘Orphans Eyes’, which injects a welcome dynamic adjustment at just the right time, and track 5 ‘Kingdom of the Blind’; reminiscent of the Pixies at their best, with epic riff, chorus-hook and build combinations that demand your attentiveness. Overall, ‘Blood on the Page’ is a statement of a band on form, a statement that should win over new fans aplenty.

Words: Anthony Giles