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For you spotify users we currently have 3 different playlists for your listening pleasure:

Not only a good listen but also pretty damn useful is our upcoming gigs playlist:

Upcoming Gigs Spotify playlist

On here you’ll find at least one track from each headline act of every upcoming Brighton gig (providing the band have spotify tracks of course). So take a listen and when you find a track you like, go to the gig and hear it live, simple as that!

Our second and a lot more self indulgent playlist is the Noise 90:

Noise 90 Spotify playlist

This is a weekly ish updated playlist put together and updated by Matt of Brighton Noise with 90 of his favourite tracks. New ones, not so new ones and classic ones, all put together to give you 6 hours of (hopefully!) listening bliss.

Finally, we have a new playlist that we’ve put together for our friends at PGS services:

PGS 500 Spotify playlist

They were bored of the usual daytime radio dross so asked us to help perk up their office. So we gave them a playlist of 500 odd great tracks that can be changed as and when they give us feedback or when we think it needs freshening up.

If you want something similar for your office get in touch and we’ll of course happily oblige!


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