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Bo Ningen

07/04/2013 By Susie Munro

Yay, they’re back. Only a few months after their headline Green Door Store gig in October, which was their third Brighton gig of 2012, Bo Ningen return with their intense heavy psychedelic rock and their lovely hair.

Come to the Haunt on 28 March and be engulfed by their hypnotic energy (like being hypnotised by someone repeatedly hitting you over the head with a snare drum); come and see their beautifully-conditioned lovely long hair turn into a sweaty, tangled mess as they flail around the stage; come and cower in fear as one of them swings his guitar around dangerously close to your face.

Bo Ningen are a Japanese four-piece band, based in London (which makes the frequent trips to Brighton more understandable than if they were coming from Japan). They released their second album, Line the Wall, last year, but you’re more likely to find them in the best gigs of 2012 lists (for example, this one), than the best albums of 2012 lists. That’s not because they’re not good on record, it’s just that they’re so good live. If you’ve not heard them before, you’ll get a better idea of what to expect by listening to last year’s live EP of their gig at St Leonard’s Church than the studio albums.

The energy of this band is unbelievable and it’s hard for any crowd not to be carried along, even though the band can seem oblivious to their surroundings once they’ve got into their bass-driven stride. You can guarantee that they’re going to go for it whatever the crowd is doing, but the Haunt can work up a good energy itself when it’s full, which it definitely should be for this one.

On their website they say: “Being ‘psychedelic’ means to us that stand quietly / loudly in the middle of interzone and stare at both sides at once.” What does it mean? I don’t really know. Come to the gig and work it out for yourself.

Bo Ningen : One Inch Badge presents
with Broken Hands and Dress Theque - 7:00pm Thu 28th Mar 2013 @ The Haunt
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