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13/04/2013 By Andy Hinton

SuunsThe awesomeness that is Canada’s Suuns is rolling into town again on the 13th May. Ok, it’s ages away and it was only a month or so ago that I saw them at a sold out Albert but my excitement at seeing this gig go up on the site is simply because this lot are so fucking good.

If you want to show off your hipness compared to your less informed friends remember they are pronounced ‘sooons’. Ok, I admit it. I called them ‘suns’ until witnessing the beginning of this video of them performing the brilliant Arena.

Their endlessly inventive music is pretty difficult to categorise simply because they sound like no other band I know of. Broadly speaking it’s angular, driving, synth-led post-punk…ish, futuristic art-rock….or something. Arena, which sounds like Joy Division remixed by Derrick May, is synth-led but the tough as nails Gaze is driven by guitars and Ben Shemie’s imploring vocals; but (as pointed out by Noiser Peter Fitzgerald) Armed For Piece sounds like a pumped up Blur circa ThinkTank. Like I said difficult to categorise and all the better for it.

I first saw them at The Great Escape 2011. They played after The Soft Moon and I was about to go to another venue. Someone said to me to stay for the next band, Suuns. They were the best band I saw that year. Live, their music that recorded can sound angular and slightly difficult just works. The energy the whole band give of on stage is palpable. From Shemie attacking his guitar and spitting out his vocals with a sneer to Liam O’Neil’s metronomic drumming. It’s difficult to take your eyes off keyboard player/programmer/bassist Max Henry. Constantly fiddling with his bank of equipment then strapping on then removing his bass. He’s the engine that drives the band. They are a band to experience live then buy the album and you’ll just get it.

At a sold out Albert in December they played one of the best gigs I saw last year. A set that included new songs from their forthcoming album, Images Du Futur. They have injected some melody and a slightly dreamy quality into the mix demonstrated in the track Edie’s Dream. Rarely, for previously unheard songs played live, they sounded just as fantastic as the stuff from Zeroes QC.

With a larger stage to move about on and the great PA system at The Haunt the gig in May is going to be essential!



Suuns : One Inch Badge and Love Thy Neighbour presents
with Valleys and Us Baby Bear Bones - 7:00pm Mon 13th May 2013 @ The Haunt
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