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Molly Nilsson

30/04/2013 By Peter Fitzgerald

Molly NilssonIn recent weeks I have been blown away by three solo female artists making the most wonderful pop music (No not Adele). With a fierce independence and a DIY aesthetic these women are making pop but not as we know it. It is pop of the most wonderful idiosyncratic kind. First we lost ourselves to the breezy multi layered electronic pop of Maria Minerva. Then we were lifted by the psychedelic dream pop of Melody’s Echo Chamber. And now we give you the final member of our trio Molly Nilsson.

Molly is a Swede who moved to Berlin in 2007 and began making music and releasing it on her own label Dark Skies. To date she has released 4 albums the most recent being 2012’s History which garnered much love on the blogosphere. The music is pared down and fragile but yet the use of old analog synths creates a warmth and familiarity. In places there is a slight 80’s feel, almost as if the Stranglers or OMD went “sort of” unplugged. This is apparent on tracks such as “(Won’t Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight”. But it is Molly’s voice and her ear for a beautiful melody that elevates this to the sublime. These songs have a habit of worming their way into your head where you’ll kind them still sloshing around hours later. Also check out the wonderful “You Always Hurt The One You Love”.

In 2013 it seems that sisters are doing it by themselves. All three of the artists mentioned above play Brighton in the coming weeks. I urge you to catch one or all of these gigs. Molly Nilsson plays the Hope on March 15th, I will the one in the front with a big grin.

Molly Nilsson : Be Nothing presents
with Meddicine and Van Stonholdt - 7:30pm Fri 15th Mar 2013 @ The Hope & Ruin
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