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Drowning Pool

15/04/2013 By Anthony Giles

Drowning Pool“We are. We always have been. We always will be”. This statement encircles the Drowning Pool logo.

The history of Drowning Pool is synonymous with consistency within change. With a sound that comes straight out of the late 90’s Nu-metal wave combined with anthemic American Hard Rock, they have weathered great changes within a fickle genre, surviving the various culls of styles and bands from their inception to now.

If we are discussing the storm, DP have been through it. Their original vocalist Dave Williams was found dead of heart disease on 14th August 2002. He had been the voice of a killer debut, ‘Sinner’ released a year prior, and along with the rest of DP given metal heads everywhere the instant club sing along classic (and still favourite) track ‘Bodies’. Over 10 years have passed, and the vocal torch has been passed to a third successor, Jasen Moreno, for a new album due for release on April 2nd this year. This fifth studio album has possibly the most apt title of any record release in Metal – ‘Resilience’

A press release for the album announces that the arrival of Moreno is allowing the band to perform songs from ‘Sinner’ that have not been sung since Williams, such as ‘Follow’, one of the best tracks the band has penned to date. This makes the prospect of seeing them live tantalising. Not only will the Concorde2 be rocked by some slamming new tracks, but also we are going to get to mosh to the original DP soundtrack, songs that made a generation adore this band. Oh, and there are 3 albums in the middle stuffed with floor rippers. Almost forgot to mention those…

This gig is the 3rd of a UK tour to accompany the albums release. Expect a lot of high energy, fist pumping, head smashing metal/rock ruckus performed by pros. DP’s influences and contemporaries include the likes of early Deftones, Korn, Snot, Sevendust, Dope, Spineshank, Soil (who’s singer Ryan McCombs fronted DP for 2 albums and tons of gigs)… the list is extensive. Drowning Pool’s place in that list is earned and prolific.

Returning to the Concorde in support is the Chris-Jericho-The –Wrestler fronted act Fozzy. They are popular crowd pullers in Brighton, easily capable of headlining at the venue themselves, and a perfect warm up to DP. Originally predominantly a covers band (they used to call themselves Fozzy Ozzbourne), their music reflects their classic rock and metal loving covers roots – big riffs, big melodies, and even bigger personalities. Welsh hard rockers Revoker make up the bill.

Metal is a very opinionated and subjective genre. One constant remains – hard work and perseverance is appreciated and rewarded. Respected bands remain respected by doing exactly what Drowning Pool do – play killer tunes and keep going through all adversity. They have resilience.

Here’s a link to a great interview with the band thanks to Anthony Giles

Drowning Pool Tour Video

with Fozzy and Revoker - 7:00pm Sat 13th Apr 2013 @ Concorde
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