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The House Of Love

25/04/2013 By Tim Smillie

The House Of LoveFor those of you too substance addled or young to recall the late eighties (I am a bit of the former and none of the latter), here is a brief history of The House of Love.

Some people get together and form a band in 1986. They play guitars in intricate patterns and they write some great songs. They sign with Mr McGee’s Creation and release a massive track called ‘Shine On’ in which they manage to insert the name of the band in the first line (a similar trick is employed the very same month with Living In a Box’s, erm, Living In a Box, though they did take it all a step further with the title). They release an album in 1988 and it is pretty big.

More albums follow, as does acclaim and many successful tours. They all gradually fall out over the next few years and the personnel changes in quasi-Fallesque proportions, with Guy Chadwick as the Mark E. Smith mainstay and driving force/hanger on in there. Along the way there are feuds, KLF style money burning, various descents into ill health, booze and NME bitching.

In 2005, Chadwick and former member/protagonist Terry Bickers patch things up and get the House back out there. They tour, the they re-release some stuff and in late 2012 announced the 2013 release of a new studio album. And now they are coming to Brighton’s Haunt. bringing with them that HOL pirouetting wall of jangly guitar sound, layered gently behind Guy Chadwick’s bassy vocals for what should be a great night with a great band.

7:00pm Wed 10th Apr 2013 @ The Haunt
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