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Theme Park

23/04/2013 By Peter Fitzgerald

Theme ParkI first came across Theme Park whilst trawling through bands for last year’s Great Escape. I liked what I heard and filed it under “promising” but with my normal hectic Great Escape schedule I didn’t quite make it to see them. So I was delighted to find that not only are they are back in Brighton for this gig, but also that there has been a clear development in their sound over the last year and an album in the pipeline.

From London, and starting life as a five piece, Theme Park have now slimmed down to just three. Fronted by brothers’ Marcus and Miles Haughton (vocals/guitar), along with and Oscar Manthorpe (guitar). They make indie pop with a post punk bent. There have been understandable Talking Heads comparisons, however as they have progressed the band seem to be finding their feet with their own distinctive more singular sound. 2012 single Jamaica (the clue is in the title) is all lush calypso rhythms that on these snowy Brighton days will have you reaching for the holiday brochure. Wonderful new single Tonight keeps the tropical rhythms but raves things up into a full blown party not a million miles from Friendly Fires. This is apt considering it was produced by Ed Macfarlane, frontman of Friendly Fires.

Their self–titled debut album is out on February 25th, in time for this tour. In a music world that moves at light speed it’s nice that Theme Park have taken time to get their sound just right. This is a great chance to see a band that are going places in a small venue. It’s sure to be one big party.

Theme Park : Be Nothing presents
with Luls - 7:00pm Wed 13th Mar 2013 @ The Haunt
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