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03/04/2013 By Amy Jo McLellan

TEENIf you were asked to name one hotly tipped indie-pop band featuring three sisters who perform under a commonly capitalised monosyllabic moniker, your first guess would probably be HAIM – although TEEN would also be a correct answer. HAIM are certainly not the only relatives reclaiming the credibility of sibling bands in the current ‘Jedwardian’ era.

The Lieberson sisters, alongside Jane Herships, may have missed out on the coveted BBC Sound of 2013 poll win to their Los Angeles peers, but if another uber cool girlband are to find success soon, it will be them. Besides, TEEN have a different – although not inferior – sound than that of the heavily ’80s inspired HAIM. TEEN are certainly not the black sheep of family bands, even if their psychedelic sound is less likely to gain mainstream radio play than the perfected pop of BBC’s poll winners.

Despite their far more experimental sound, comparisons to HAIM are inevitable. Perhaps the fact their similarities go beyond simply both being “cool sisters” is merely a coincidence, but it’s also possible that it’s the sign of a new (although extremely niche) sub-genre. This just might be the start of a new trend – of which TEEN are one of the trail-blazers. Soon, they’ll be an abundance of hipster-sisters trying to imitate, but TEEN are firmly at the beginning of this new female indie blood-line movement.

If you wish to indulge yourself in some well-crafted sisterly dreampop, don’t miss your chance to see TEEN. After all, it might not be long before they inspire more siblings to start gigging too.

TEEN : Melting Vinyl Presents
with Us Baby Bear Bones - 8:00pm Wed 3rd Apr 2013 @ The Hope & Ruin
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